LIFE COACH TRAINING (Research & Evidenced Based)

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  • A Coach's life journey...

    When your life journey leads you to becoming a coach, you must realize the responsibility you have to the coachee.  That is that you keep yourself abreast of what is going on in your own life.   Really, if being a life coach is a part of your journey you will need to be okay with a lifestyle that promotes life-long learning, self-discovery, and self-exploration; because that’s what coaching is all about.  You see, as much as coaching is about the coachee; in the beginning it must be about you. As you work through the curriculumn you will be working on your personal development in order to be the catalyst for change that the coachee needs. Many coach training institutions have you pay for a mentor coach simply becasue the best way to learn to coach is to be coached.  Coaching requires that your practice proper self-care; caring for your own life, career, and relationships; practicing proper balance and inner peace of your own can in sure that you can stand as an unbais sounding board for your clients. Your chief aim is to help the coachee find out what they really want, why they want it, and where they want to be in reference to any given facet of their life.  Then the coach supports the coachee's ingenuity in creating  the roadmap that will get them there. Primarily coaching involves using the art of questioning to spark the client to un-thought of solutions.